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   Nosreti group



The NOSRETI Group is an association of genuine Czech companies under a single owner, Mr Jaroslav Nosräti. The association includes the transport and wholesale company NOSRETI a.s., real estate company NOSRETI Reality a.s., Slovakian transport and wholesale subsidiary NOSRETI SK s.r.o., and manufacturing company Vinařství Nosreti s.r.o.


The founding concept of the NOSRETI Group is to be a trustworthy business partner that takes responsibility for its actions toward its business partners, the company itself, and the environment.


The associated companies under the NOSRETI Group use electricity and hot water from photovoltaic and solar energy systems, secure waste take back in product sales, work to conform with the strictest EURO 6 limits in transport operations, and have successfully implemented a system of integrated production that also minimises the chemical impact on the environment in their vinicultural activities.


The NOSRETI Group supports the Domeček children's centre in Ostrava-Vítkovice, which works to create a substitute "home" for children under the age of three. The company is also a sponsor of the regular "Czech Dance Open" cultural events in the Ostrava region.



 Nosreti a.s.





The NOSRETI joint-stock company provides a broad spectrum of services in two basic veins of activity. In the industry of oversize transport and in the wholesale of electronics for residential and commercial use. The organisational structure of the company is comprised of two divisions: Nosreti Specialtransport, and Nosreti Wholesale, which are involved in the abovementioned activities. NOSETI a.s. is based in Ostrava, and operates company branches in Brno and Prague.

 Nosreti reality



NOSRETI reality a.s.


NOSRETI Realty a.s. is involved in the leasing and management of its own real estate properties in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and Břeclav. It was founded in 2008 as a spin-off of NOSRETI a.s. The company is based in Brno, with branches in Ostrava and Břeclav.


 Nosreti SK Slovenská republika



NOSRETI SK, s.r.o.


Based in Bratislava, NOSRETI SK s.r.o. is a subsidiary of NOSRETI a.s. Since 1993, it has been offering services in the area of heavy and oversized transport, and in 2005 added the wholesale of refrigerator and freezer equipment for residential and commercial use.

 Nosreti vinařství



Vinařství Nosreti s.r.o.


Vinařství Nosreti is a family vineyard located in the town of Zaječí in southern Moravia that is involved in the production of attributive wines and in wine tourism. Its 75-person lodging house and bungalows are located in the direct vicinity of the one-of-a-kind monuments of the Lednice-Valtice complex, Pávlaský Hills, and the Nové Mlýny reservoir. Hiking and cycling enthusiasts can take advantage of the hiking and wine trails scattered throughout the area. The vineyards are cultivated in the spirit of integrated production that minimises the chemical environmental impact so that the wines produced will find favour with all of our customers.

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