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nosreti special transportnosreti special transport

Welcome to the website of NOSRETI a.s.

NOSRETI a.s. was founded on December 17, 1990, when Mr Jaroslav Nosräti opened a privately-owned business for the maintenance, repair, and sales of freezers and refrigerators. Subsequent extension of this activity by cooperation with foreign manufacturers allowed Jaroslav Nosräti to invest into the joint-stock company ČSAD SPECIALTRANSPORT OSTRAVA, a.s. (year 1995), his investment being accomplished with acquisition of 100 % of shares of a company with more than forty years of tradition in the field of transport of the largest and the heaviest loads across the Czech Republic (year 2000). The company also included the subsidiary, Specialtransport SK s.r.o. in Slovakia. The merger of Jaroslav Nosräti's company with the SPECIALTRANSPORT NOSRETI, a.s. joint-stock company was the successful culmination of the convergence phase between the two companies, and the newly incorporated firm was renamed NOSRETI a.s.

The two company divisions provided services in heavy and oversized load transport (Specialtransport Division) and sales and servicing of refrigeration technology, gastronomic technology, and heat pumps (Wholesale Division). The company has secured a prominent position on the market in both of these areas, and has been certified with the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. 

With the onset of the economic crisis, the company decided to cut costs by discontinuing the retail sales activities of its own stores, Elektrodům Nosreti, in Brno, Ostrava, and Břeclav, and the Wholesale Division is now entirely dedicated to wholesale and to sales through its own online store. In order to distribute the risks of the economic crisis, the company spun off its real estate operations to the independent joint-stock company, NOSRETI Reality a.s. This company manages and leases real estate properties to approximately ninety lessees, and works to develop additional investment projects. In 2013, the company opened a new residential rental building with commercial space in Prague. 


NOSRETI a.s., NOSRETI Reality a.s., and the subsidiary NOSRETI SK, s.r.o., along with Vinařství Nosreti s.r.o. all belong to the NOSRETI Group under a single owner, Jaroslav Nosräti.


Present Day

Today, NOSRETI a.s. enjoys a strong market position, and its revenues continue to reflect positive growth. The company greatly appreciates its exceptional relationships with its business partners that are backed by the company by over CZK 74 million in registered capital, as well as by the talents and wealth of experience of its young, almost 100-member NOSRETI a.s. team.


It is a genuine Czech company that duly fulfills all of its obligations to its business partners, employees, and institutions. Every one of the companies mentioned above follow a single credo: to conduct business in compliance with moral and ecological standards. For years, the NOSRETI company has been providing support to the Ostrava-Vítkovice children's shelter for children under the age of three.

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