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Nosreti divize velkoobchod

White Goods
Gastronomic equipment
Heat Pumps

As early as 1990, the main focus of the NOSRETI a.s. Wholesale division has been the sales of white goods, gastronomy equipment, heating equipment, and the subsequent post-warranty repair and maintenance of products from international manufacturers. 

We sell our own line of products under the NORDline brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, are exclusive dealers for the Danish firm, Vestfrost, and we also offer a selection of products from the renowned brands JUKA, ZOIN, Polair, Byfal, and others. 

We specialise in the sales of the following products:

 bílá technika, mrazničky chladničky pračky

White Goods


In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we offer residential refrigerators, combined refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, and wine coolers under our own brand, NORDline. The wide selection of home appliances is complemented by products from the premier international brand, Vestfrost, a Danish manufacturer with a long tradition.


 gastro zařízení chladící vitríny

Gastronomic Equipment


We provide comprehensive solutions for gastronomy in refrigeration and cooking technologies. This includes large-capacity cabinets, full-service and wall unit refrigerated display cases, large-capacity freezers, self-serve cases, fryers, contact grills, stoves, and many other products for furnishing grocery stores, establishments, hotels, and restaurants.


 tepelná čerpadla

Heat Pumps


NORSETI a.s. contracts the assembly of its NORDline heat pumps, pool pumps, solar panels, and air-conditioners to leading manufacturers of these products, and today, these products are considered to be the best that the Czech market provides in terms of the price/quality ratio.


 eshop abc elektrodum




An online electronics store that serves to present our wholesale goods and for ordering by our partners and others.



Kontakty NOSRETI Velkoobchod s.r.o.

Ing. Andrea Steckerová
Director of division
+420 595 696 618
Jiří Raška
White Goods
+420 595 696 611
Ondřej Krawczynski
Gastronomic Equipment
+420 595 696 617
Daniel Limberk
Heat Pumps
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