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Nosreti divize special transport

Heavy transport
Special transport
Service in transport

The main focus of the Specialtransport division of NOSRETI a.s. is comprehensive services in the transport of heavy and oversized loads. 

We specialise in the transport of loads of up to 800 tonnes. We have 60 years of experience in heavy transport, and operate a modern and variable vehicle fleet,
which allows us to transport any load to any place in the world. We aim to provide 100% customer service.



těžká doprava

Heavy transport


Our heavy transport operations are comprised of a vehicle fleet that ranges from light double-axle extendable and double extendable trailers to modular systems of heavy THP axles, including a wide range of accessories and equipment. We offer specialised ultra-low loaders, girder beds, bolster kits, as well as 170-tonne beds with a height of only 250 mm.


speciální doprava

Special transport


Our specialised transport operates kits that include 2-axle MAN tractor units as well as flat bed and jumbo trailers. These vehicles provide a broad spectrum of transport options. Our trailers are equipped with ramps for easy loading of wheeled equipment for transport, and clamps for container transport.




Service in transport


In addition to the implementation of the transport itself, our company also offers consulting and design services that are based on collaboration with the customer in establishing the optimum size and dimensions of the transported loads, and proposing optimal transport routes, which is taken care of by our routing department and includes bridge specialisation. Oversize load escort is secured by our own, fully-equipped vehicles at home and abroad.


Kontakty NOSRETI a.s.

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Head of Operation and Technical Support
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Product manager
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Product manager
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Area manager
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