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On April 24. 2015, the company NOSRETI a.s. baptized the new flagship of its heavy transport fleet, a Mercedes Benz Arocs 4163 S 8x4 SLT vehicle, model CTT Molsheim. It is the first vehicle of its category in the Czech republic and central Europe. Another vehicle of this kind plows through the streets of North Finland.

The company NOSRETI a.s. expands its fleet with the third “heavyweight Champion” of the excellent brand Mercedes (first in 2005, second in 2012) and shows once again who is the master of heavy- and overweight transports. The team NOSRETI is now 625 hp stronger.

You may soon meet the red tractor vehicle able to tow up to 250 to on Europe´s roads. We believe we can continue to offer something extraordinary to our customers and hope to fulfill our slogan “Technology moves our borders”.

Ing.Aleš Havlásek
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